Scammer Lady from Cairo uses our posts, videos, and animals to COLLECT DONATIONS.

Dear followers,

We were recently informed about an account on Facebook by the name of Mariam Saud stealing our photos and asking PayPal donations. She claims to be from Cairo, we are not sure if she really is, but we’ve been receiving messages for many months from people referring us to accounts that pretend to rescue animals in a Gaza while they are doing no work on the ground. Sometimes even stealing our pictures like Mariam. We have collected some screenshots of scam accounts you should be wary of.

Please be very careful when donating! And keep in mind we never tag people in our posts because we don’t want to put people on the spot. You should never feel forced to donate because people tag you, actually you should be extra wary.

We are appalled that the innocent animals pictures are stolen and money meant for these poor souls is going to a scammer. Be careful! As for any accounts claiming to rescue animals in Gaza and asking you for money, please refer them to us. If they are really doing work in the ground we can help them with food and treatment.

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