Man’s best friend


Local adoption

We encourage our citizens to adopt animals and provide them with the care they need. We train and cultivate our animals to help you guarding your farm and house. Our shelter should remain as a temporary place for animals that really in need for medical cure and special care.

When you adopt an animal

  • You can help us to continue our mission and focus on our vision and dream of having a community with no stray animals.
  • We can raise a generation that understand, live, and practice the animal population management.
  • You give us more space to save more animals that really in need for special care

International adoption

Man’s best friend

The life of stray animals in Gaza is very difficult, and our shelter also offers no permanent solution. This is why we are hoping to build a standard procedure to send our animals abroad for adoptions. Unfortunately the situation in Gaza (closed borders) makes this very challenging, as well as meeting the requirements for travel to Europe or the United States.

Annelies is a belgian citizen. She is a journalist and has the same passion as ours for animals. She helps our society with translation. Annelies succeed in adopting a dog from the West Bank, Panda. She has followed all the procedures and finally she could welcome Panda in her home.

Adoption from Gaza is more difficult. But we believe that we will eventually achieve this in our search for animal rights. We hope that we will be able soon to send more animals abroad to go to new homes

Annelies – Belgium

At this moment we are arranging for three dogs to be sent to Canada, to the lovely home of Dr Steve McVicar, a kind Canadian orthopedic surgeon who visited our shelter when he worked with the Red Cross in Gaza. He still supports us. this is our pilot project. If we succeed, we hope to be able to send more dogs abroad to live a better life there!.

Dr Steve McVicar – Canada
Dr. Steve Mcvicar – Canada

We hope that we will be able soon to send more animals abroad to go to new homes.

Our pilot project with Dr Steve McVicar is our indicator and hope for international adoption from Gaza. We hope that soon we will be able to send more animals abroad to go to new homes.

Please feel free to contact us with the contact information below, or send us a message using the form.