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Sulala Society is the first and only animal rescue in the Gaza Strip. It was founded by Mr. Saeed Al Err, a man with great love for animals. Unable to bear seeing poor stray animals hungry in the street, he went on daily feeding tours for stray animals since the early 2000s.

In 2006, he was able to translate his love and charitable work to the establishment of a registered organisation, Sulala (Arabic for “animal breeds”). Today, Sulala has a dog shelter and a cat shelter, and a donkey.

Rescue stray animals

Sulala embarks on daily missions to rescue stray animals, or pets who have been abandoned. Animals in Gaza are always at risk of being hit by cars, or contracting diseases caused by poor diet and the rough living conditions in the streets of Gaza. We receive many calls from citizens every day about these poor souls. We pick them up, treat them and put them in a safe place.

Feeding the animals in the shelter

Raising awareness in our communities

There is a lot of ignorance in Gaza about animal suffering, and how to treat animals the way they deserve. Many animals are abused and/or neglected. We believe this behaviour affects society, and how we treat the most vulnerable is telling of how we teach children to treat each other. The people of Gaza are not bad people, they just lack knowledge sometimes. This is why we try to raise awareness in our community and in schools on how to treat animals kindly.


Our vision is to one day have no more stray animals in Gaza City and to construct a permanent shelter. We are lobbying the municipalities in Palestine to provide us with the necessary support. However, our vision requires support on both a local and international level.

Sulala Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization and therefore dependent on donations. With your support we can make difference for many animals in need. Any amount is welcome and helps us become closer to saving lives.

Donations are used to rescue, treat and feed the animals. Additional support received by the organization enabled us to operate and improve the animal welfare in our shelter. We need to bring our community closer to the vision we maintain, therefore, we are looking for organizations that can support our vision.

Sulala in the Media

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The guardian did this exquisite piece about our work. Thank you to the journalist and photographer for documenting our work so beautifully!

Pet rescue in Gaza: one man’s mission to care for abandoned animals!

Thanks for the Guardian, our supportes and followers!

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