Changing Destiny

This is a small sample of the animals under our care and their stories


Lucy came to us years ago as a little puppy. She had been in an accident that paralyzed her hind legs. Unfortunately, there was no cure for her leg paralysis in Gaza, but she has grown into a beautiful grown dog who adapted well to her situation. We made a walk-in wheelchair for Lucy that helps her become happy and play with other dogs in the shelter. She is everybody’s sweetheart, and we hope she will stay with us for a long time!


Ringo came to us a few weeks before in the War in May 2021. He was suffering from severe scabies (scroll to last photos to see). Adding to that he lost a leg during the war because he was hit by shrapnel. Today Ringo has made a full recovery under our care. We hope that we can make Ringo by making an artificial leg for hem.


Dongol was shot and lost his right forearm. Our team went there and did the necessary medical treatment. It is not easy to catch a bleeding and a frightened dog. But we managed to catch hem and stop the bleeding. Making a forearm for Dongol is still difficult due to the lack of 3D prostheses machines in Gaza.


We saved Billy when he was two months old in October 2019. His right forearm was totally burned. We tried to treat his skin using medications and cremes, but this is not succeeded. Dr. Steve Mvcard has adopted hem and arranged for the costs for a surgery. Billy is vaccinated and has a good health now. We helped Billy with an artificial forearm. We trained hem how to walk with it.  Billy is happy in our shelter. Dr Steve is following the procedures to take hem to Canada as an international adoption.


Dodo was hit by a car in 2018. Her mouth was broken, and she couldn’t eat normally. We arranged for a surgery to Dodo in a specialized clinic in Israel. The surgery was succeded and Dodo can now eat normally.


Mr. saeed was walking on the street when he saw the donkey. There were kids who hit the donkey leaving wounds on his skin. Mr. Saeed asked about the owner of the donkey. Mr. Saed bought the donkey and accommodated hem in the shelter. The donkey is safe now in our hands and takes the necessary treatments..


A farmer has set up a trap for rabbits on the border of Gaza strip. The trap was executed on the wrong animal, which is Fox. Fox lost her hand because of the trap. The farmer took her to a clinic to save her hand. but the destiny said that the hand must be totally cut out.  

Sheep – Jules

This sheep was born with hind leg paralysis and his owner was trying to sell him on social media. We saw the advertisement and felt very bad for this poor creature. So, we contacted the owner and bought him for a small price. We will take care of him from now on and hope to have his wheelchair ready soon. We named him Jules. He is safe with us.