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Animal lives matters!

Sulala Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization and therefore dependent on donations. With your support we can make difference for many animals in need. Every contribution is welcome and will help us continue our mission.

Save the animals in Palestine

Saving lives

We are the first and the only association in Gaza that helps the animals. We rescue the stary animals and provide them a shelter and food.

Medical help

The animals must be inspected on site for diseases, and in the shelter. They ondergo different stages such as vaccination and spaying.

Awareness sessions

We must continue in our educational sessions. In the way to our dream of saving all the the stray animals in Gaza. We started with the UNRWA schools and must continue these sessions in more than 200 schools in Gaza.

Permanent shelter

We are trying to get funds to establish a sustainable and permenat shelter for the animals. We want to have a well-equipped clinic that can collaborate for scientific research regarding diseases and helping more handicapped animals to get a new lease of life. Our future shelter can serve as a space for our community and the animals.

Artificial limbs for handicapped animals

We have aroud 30 handicapped, paralyzed and ambuted animasls in our shelter. These cases are a result of the war and the bombarding. there is no sepecialized center in Gaza for making artifical limbs for cats and dogs. Lucy is one of these paralysed dogs. Lucy can now move using the walkin wheerchair that we made using upcycling of children’s toys. We have applied the same principe to help a cat moving easily. We are looking for making more limbs for the other animals.

Lucy using the wheelchair we made

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