Raising awareness

Stray animals in Gaza are starving daily. They search for food in garbage and on the street. To meet their essential needs, they will sometimes harm humans, for example by stealing chickens from farmers. When they feel unsafe, animals can also attack. This has caused for many people in Gaza to have a negative image of stray animals, which is used to justify their abuse. Unfortunately stray dogs in Gaza are at constant risk of being poisoned or shot by citizens who see them as a threat.

Educational sessions

We believe that these animals don’t have the intention to attack people. All they need is food and to feel safe. Therefore, we find it very important to raise awareness in our community regarding dealing with stray animals.

Awareness sessions in kindergartens

We are currently arranging awareness sessions in kindergartens.

Awareness sessions in kindergartens

Awareness sessions in the UNRWA schools

In collaboration with the ministry of education we could make an agreement to spread our knowledge and experience all over the UNRWA (United nations for Relief and Work Agency) schools, this includes primary education (grades 1-6) and 3 years of lower-secondary education (grades 7- 9).

UNRWA is responsible for the basic education of more than 290,000 Palestinian students with only 278 schools across the strip. Because of the shortage of facilities, some UNRWA schools operate on double and, more rarely, even triple shifts.

This will be the first phase. We hope that we can also have an agreement with the secondary schools, which are administrated by the local government. We started our sessions in the UNRWA schools on 14-12-2021 by EL Moghraga Primrary school.The director called us immediately after receiving the approval. This school has 20 classes, and the work will be spread over 6 days.

We have volunteers for this work, but this is not enough. We need to train and hire new recent graduated fresh blood and plan for all the UNRWA schools according to the available resources.