Dream with us

We dream to have no more stray animals in the gaza strip

Yes! Animals have right to live in peace and justice. In stead these poor animals are living on the street subject to abuse and hunger every day. So, it’s our duty and responsibility to keep them safe in a shelter, and teach them that humans can also be kind.

Permanent shelter

The current shelter was organized with minimal funding and poor infrastructure. There are no walls, no heating, no area for playing. The number of dogs was not so big and the urgence was very high to find a safe place for the animals.

We dream about building a stronger and larger shelter with stone walls. In this way we can protect the animals in our shelter from the elements. We want to have a well-equipped clinic that can collaborate for scientific research regarding diseases and medical equipment with Al Azhar university in Gaza. Our future shelter can serve as a space for our community and not only the animals. We want a shelter which citizens can visit and get advice and instructions about raising up their pet. We also want a space where owners can take their dogs so they can socialize and play with each other. The first dog park in Gaza!

International adoption

The life of stray animals in Gaza is very difficult and our shelter also offers no permanent solution. Therefore, we are hoping to build a standard procedure to send our animals abroad for adoptions. Unfortunately, the situation in Gaza (closed borders) makes this very challenging, as well as meeting the requirements for travel to Europe and/or to the United States.

At this moment we are arranging for three dogs to be sent to Canada, to the lovely home of Dr Steve McVicar. Dr Steve is a kind Canadian orthopedic surgeon Dr.S.F.McVicar,Inc.

Dr Steve McVicar and the dogs that will hopefully find a new beautiful life in Canada

Dr Steve visited our shelter when he worked with the Red Cross in Gaza. This is our pilot project. After the success of this project, we hope to be able to send more dogs a broad to live a better life there!

One of our dreams is close to become true like international adoptions from Gaza strip. Other dreams need more fund and full support on both a local and international level. This can become easier after finishing the awareness sessions in our community.

We encourage and always invoke citizens in Gaza to adopt our animals and provide them with the care they need, so our shelter can only be a temporary place where animals receive the medical care they need

We believe that the awareness sessions in the schools, our posts and engagements will make this easier in the next years for local adoption.

Urgent needed assets

  • Mobile veterinary clinic
  • Two pickups: with a suitable cage to catch the animals as soon as possible and save their lives. The number of stray animals has increased drastically after the last war on May 2021. Therefore, we are receiving always claims for our people and some of them may practice the culling of dogs.