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Scammer Lady from Cairo uses our posts, videos, and animals to COLLECT DONATIONS.

Dear followers,

We were recently informed about an account on Facebook by the name of Mariam Saud stealing our photos and asking PayPal donations. She claims to be from Cairo, we are not sure if she really is, but we’ve been receiving messages for many months from people referring us to accounts that pretend to rescue animals in a Gaza while they are doing no work on the ground. Sometimes even stealing our pictures like Mariam. We have collected some screenshots of scam accounts you should be wary of.

Please be very careful when donating! And keep in mind we never tag people in our posts because we don’t want to put people on the spot. You should never feel forced to donate because people tag you, actually you should be extra wary.

We are appalled that the innocent animals pictures are stolen and money meant for these poor souls is going to a scammer. Be careful! As for any accounts claiming to rescue animals in Gaza and asking you for money, please refer them to us. If they are really doing work in the ground we can help them with food and treatment.

Treatment for a cat

We took care of the treatment of this poor cat when the owner couldn’t take care of her. We brought her to the vet in Khan Younes so she could have surgery in doctor Nanees’ clinic.

We thank the girl who brought her to us and doctor Nanees who completed the surgery with success. The cat is now safe with us recovering.

Saving a donkey

This poor donkey is around ten years old. Her owner sold her a while ago to someone who lives close to him. But unfortunately today the old owner found her again in front of his door, full of wounds and starved and dehydrated. He knew she had been treated very poorly. 😢He contacted the new owner and bought her back from him. We welcomed her in the shelter so she can recover here. There was one condition: that she would never have to go back to work. We will give her food and take care of her, so she can enjoy the last period of her life far away from the abuse and misery that she endured.

The two cats and the car accident

Yesterday, a citizen from Khan Yunis contacted us, about this cat that had been in a car accident. This cat used to come his house all the time, where his family used fo feed her. He took her to the veterinarian, Nanees, who gave her medicine to stop the bleeding and first aid. She is suffering from a fracture of the lower jaw. On his way to bring the cat, he found another cat who also had an accident – we think she was sleeping in a car engine when it started. The accident injured her back and she is unable to walk on her hind legs. Both cats were brought to the veterinary clinic in Gaza and given the necessary treatment, and one of them will undergo an operation in the lower jaw. They are now under care and treatment.

Abeer and the puppy

Our friend Abeer contacted us about this puppy one of the kids in her family had seen all alone in a public park. We went to pick him up and brought him to the vet. While we were there, we were contacted by someone else about a second puppy in that park. We went back to pick him up and brought him to the vet as well. Both puppies are suffering from mange and fleas. They are being treated and safe with us.


Here are some pictures of the 40 rescue cats living in Saeed’s home, photographed around the beginning of the current war. While everybody in Gaza has an emergency plan to take important things and leave the house. They will have to get out fast when they get a call from Israeli intelligence saying that their house will be bombed. Saeed has boxes ready to put the cats in if this happens. He and his family already did a exercise. He is ready to leave the house with all his cats in 5 minutes. (A small note from translator: when you see posts written in third… person about Saeed on this account, it means that I wrote it. I am telling you what Saeed told me today via WhatsApp. If you see “I” or “we” that means Saeed wrote the post).